Bank Holiday Offers, New Products & Pricing Update

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We have some good news, some not so good news and some other news, so let’s see the good news first:

As the May Bank Holiday is now upon us we will be running a special offer over the weekend, from Friday 30th April morning to Midnight on Monday 3rd May we will be offering 10% discount and a free mystery gift with all orders.  The discount will come off your order automatically at checkout.  We hope you have a great Bank Holiday Weekend and stay safe and well whatever you are doing.

Then I am afraid we have some news that isn’t quite as nice.  Since Brexit in January we have been closely watching our incoming shipping and import costs for our range of Dutch Papercraft products.  Unfortunately, the shipping and import charges we pay to get the goods in from The Netherlands have increased to over 4 times the amount we were paying pre Brexit.  This has had a very real impact on our costs and I hate to have to tell you that we need to increase our prices on the Dutch products. All prices on Dutch Papercraft products will increase after the Bank Holiday weekend.  We will hold the increase down as much as we can but this is something that we really can’t avoid.

In our other news, our building works to increase stockroom space are proceeding slowly but we are still a few weeks from having the extra room to add the amount of Cross Stitch & Needlecraft products that we want to stock, hopefully this will be sorted by the summer.  We have managed to add a full range of Acrylic Rice Beads in 30 colours.  You can see the range here: Rice Beads.

We are looking at a range of Layered Decorative Cards for Stitching or Hobbydots from a new supplier but we would value your opinion, so we have put a post on Facebook with some pictures here: Facebook Decorative Cards Pictures.  Some have holes for stitching and others are plain for Hobbydots or other crafts.  If you could spare us a couple of minutes to have a look and let us know what you think please it would be appreciated.

We are also adding some new colours to our Leather Cord range in the next few weeks.  The arrival time on these depends on the COVID situation in India and how the factories we use are affected by Lockdowns.

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