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Posted by Rob Walker on

I hope you are all having a good Christmas... We need your opinion please – we have had a couple of comments that the Add Some Sparkle website is getting difficult to find things on since we added Jewellery Making and Cross Stitch to the site, and the suggestion was that we could start separate websites for these two crafts, leaving the Add Some Sparkle site with just Papercraft so it is less cluttered and easier to navigate. Please tell us what you think – would you prefer a new website for Jewellery Making supplies and one for Cross Stitch and Fabric Crafts or do you prefer them all to be on one site? As a small family business we value all opinions and any other comments or suggestions you may have that would help us would be appreciated? Either comment below, email enquiries@addsomesparkle.co.uk or comment on our Facebook page here: Add Some Sparkle Facebook.

Thank you and stay safe.

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  • I find the images of the decoupage sheets etc a bit small so you are unable to see the finer details. If having two sites meant larger, more detailed images or perhaps a magnifying tool added this would be good.

    PH on
  • Seperate sites would be better for me as I am only interested in paper crafts.

    Karen Paumen on

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