February - Plans for the future...

Posted by Rob Walker on

Add Some Sparkle have some really exciting news to share with you about the future. Alongside our Paper Craft and Jewellery Making ranges we are adding a range of Needle Craft products which we will stock in stages.

As we are also at the start of a building project to extend our stockroom, we have initially added a small range of Ribbon Embroidery, Beaded Embroidery, Zenbroidery and Diamond Painting Kits. When the building work is finished in a few weeks and we have more space we will then add a comprehensive range of Cross Stitch products including Kits, Threads, Fabrics, Patterns and Accessories.

If this goes as well as we hope we will be in a position to add Tapestry and Embroidery products to our selection later this year and expand our existing ranges. If you have any particular Needlecraft or Jewellery Making products you would like to see on this site please let us know.

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